I don’t have much time to exercise.

This is a concern, and many times an excuse, for many people I talk with.  I have long said doing something is better than nothing.  Even if all you have is 20 minutes you can accomplish a lot  as long as you are doing the right exercises at the right intensity.   When doing cardioContinue reading “I don’t have much time to exercise.”

Interval training to burn calories!

Do you ride the exercise bike or walk on a treadmill for long periods of time and feel like you aren’t getting the results you want?  Try interval training to burn those calories and improve your cardiovascular capabilities.  There are many names trainers give this but essentially it is increasing your output for a periodContinue reading “Interval training to burn calories!”

I can’t afford a gym membership!!

If you are looking to get in shape, joining a gym is one route to take.  However, the cost of a membership is something that holds people back.  This doesn’t give you an excuse not to exercise.  A pair of tennis shoes and pavement are all you need to get started.   Walking is aContinue reading “I can’t afford a gym membership!!”

Eat for weight loss/maintenance

I have long been an advocate for having good eating habits and good exercise habits as a means to lose weight and keep it off.  It just makes sense that having these things clicking together would put someone in the best position to have a healthy weight. For many, however, this is a scenario thatContinue reading “Eat for weight loss/maintenance”

Who do you exercise for?

I have been training clients for 16 years and I have always spent time when we first meet finding out about them,  what their goals are, what their limitations are and why they are exercising.  While getting all this information together is very important, I have found that last bit of info, why they areContinue reading “Who do you exercise for?”

Your health and wealth

In my line of work, historically, people went to a personal trainer to improve their appearance.  They wanted to lose weight, get  “six pack” abs and look good at the pool.  Now, with the crazy cost of sick care, people are really looking at exercise as a way to be healthy so they don’t endContinue reading “Your health and wealth”

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