Kids Weight Issues

There is great concern about the weight problem our children are facing today.  We all know that the excess weight we carry will lead to many health issues down the road, health issues that can be very costly.  There are a number of things that factor into this from the use of computers that makeContinue reading “Kids Weight Issues”

Decisions, decisions. How to eat to lose weight.

There are many decisions we need to make when looking to lose weight and maintain the ideal, healthy weight.  One of those is whether to eat the traditional 3 meals a day or go the “mini- meal” 5-6 times a day.  The latter has taken momentum as the better way to go about weight loss,Continue reading “Decisions, decisions. How to eat to lose weight.”

The “Prince of Pain”

I was training an early morning client and he was telling me his friend referred to his trainer as the prince of pain.  What a cool nickname!  I will probably never be given such a name and honestly I am fine with that.  There are many trainers out there who have one goal in mindContinue reading “The “Prince of Pain””

I can never have another cookie again!

I hear this a lot from people trying to lose weight.  It is a battle as to what you can and can’t eat when you want to see the number on the scale go down.  There is obviously a relationship between your weight and what foods you are eating.  I truly believe this does notContinue reading “I can never have another cookie again!”

Ready for that swimsuit?

We’re getting close to that time.  The pools will be opening, getting the shorts and t-shirts out.  Are you ready??  I am!  I don’t know about you but I am officially finished with winter!  Don’t panic if you don’t feel you are ready to put that suit on.  Five must – do exercises are benchContinue reading “Ready for that swimsuit?”

How to truly grow organic

We hear all the time that we should look for organic foods when possible.  The belief is that “organic” means safe and free from toxins.  This is a bit misleading in that those organic foods are grown in the ground and it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep some toxins out.  Don’t get tooContinue reading “How to truly grow organic”

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