I wanna look like a fitness magazine model

Many times I have met with a client and they bring in a picture from a magazine telling me that is what they want to look like.  We are constantly bombarded with the fitness magazine covers showing a buff dude with his shirt off and ripped muscles standing next to a beautiful gal wearing aContinue reading “I wanna look like a fitness magazine model”

Cost of health

It is amazing to me that people are willing to simply go with the cheapest path when it comes to, in my opinion, the most important thing, their health.  We need fruits, vegetables and berries in our system to fight off illness and make these machines function properly.  The supplement industry preys on this byContinue reading “Cost of health”

Five basics for full body fitness

Many keep from the gym because they worry that they will have to spend all their spare time to build strength and muscle.  Muscle is key for weight loss and maintenance because the more muscle we have the more calories are burned  throughout the day.  There are five basic exercises to ensure all the majorContinue reading “Five basics for full body fitness”

What motivates you to be healthy and fit?

As a trainer, I have consulted with many individuals as to what motivates them on their journey to health and fitness.  There are many reasons I am given as to why someone works with me or exercises on their own.  Some are training for an event, some for vacations, weddings, or pool season in theContinue reading “What motivates you to be healthy and fit?”

How fitness can change healthcare

Lack of exercise leads to obesity which in turn leads to so many expensive health issues.  This is a big thing that really no one wants to talk about when it comes to the expense of healthcare and how to change that.  If everyone made the commitment to lose 5-10 pounds this year, that wouldContinue reading “How fitness can change healthcare”

And the next Superfood is…..

I don’t know what the next superfood is going to be. I hope you weren’t expecting some news release here, but I have to be honest. I do know one thing, the next time they name a superfood it is going to be a fruit, vegetable or berry. Look back on the other foods thatContinue reading “And the next Superfood is…..”

How are those resolutions?

It’s hard to believe that we are already one month into 2013! You made those changes to your diet and are exercising more than ever. Are you getting the results you expected? Are your expectations realistic? Are you ready to give up??? Don’t give up just yet! If you haven’t already, this may be theContinue reading “How are those resolutions?”

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