Best Time of Day to Exercise–the answer

No, I wasn’t trying to make you guess at what the best time is.  Unexplained things just happen. I have always thought that the health and fitness industry makes things too complicated and actually pushes people away from wanting to exercise.   Telling us we are going to maximize our metabolic rate if we workoutContinue reading “Best Time of Day to Exercise–the answer”

Not Just the Flu Shot

Tis the season!  We are constantly bombarded with the idea that we have to get a flu shot or we are going to be very sick this winter season.  I believe the flu shot can be effective in some ways but what we can’t forget is that our immune system is extremely powerful when functioningContinue reading “Not Just the Flu Shot”

Fuel Your Body For Exercise

I have trained many people over the past 15 years at all different times of the day. One thing holds true and that is we have to fuel our bodies in order to get the most out of our exercise routine. Whenever I have a client who is feeling dizzy or weak during a sessionContinue reading “Fuel Your Body For Exercise”

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