What an Amazing Company!!!

It is rare that you would get the opportunity to share a product with people that can truly change their health for the better and that everyone needs. You would also have a hard time finding a company that has so much integrity that it gives its employees every opportunity to succeed and find that financial freedom.
I have been with a company for about 10 years that offers both! Why is this important? People are literally losing sleep over their health and their financial stability. We are in a very serious time for both of these issues, and a number of others, but one thing that is clear is we can take charge of both of those things! No one else is responsible for this but us!
Lets start with the health. You know how I am with exercise and I have touched on nutrition. I have been sharing Juice Plus for the last 10 years. What we know for certain about our health is we need to have a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Now, when I say “diet rich in fruits and vegetables” I don’t mean the occasional banana or apple. That is a start but we need about 9-13 servings a day! What Juice Plus offers is a way to bridge that gap between what we eat and what we should eat. Simple as that. And what they offer is backed by 20 years of independent, third party research that no other company can say about their product. On top of that many of their studies have been published in peer reviewed journals!

What I also love about this company is that is offers me a secondary stream of income that is so important right now. In a time when companies are laying employees off, cutting back on staff, having their staff take pay cuts and freezing pay raises, it is refreshing to be offered bonuses and pay raises from a 40 year old debt free company!
Here is what I am offering you. Taking Juice Plus is for everyone. We all need to get the fruits and vegetables in our diets and most of us, especially our kids, simply don’t. I would love to share with you Juice Plus and how it can help you to take charge of your health.
The business is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a secondary stream of income, a plan B in these unstable times, call me and we can talk. No obligation and if it isn’t for you, fine. We’ll still be friends!
Have a great Halloween!

Until next time….

Merry Christmas!!!!

I walked into a store the other day and there were Christmas decorations all over the place!  I was beginning to think I was in an episode of the twilight zone but unfortunately, Christmas is around the corner.  This is a big time for people who are looking to start a fitness program.  How do you get through this period from halloween to New Years without packing on the weight.

I was having a conversation with a friend about Thanksgiving and what she was planning on making for the meal.  She was talking about substituting pureed cauliflower for mashed potatoes and other things to make the meal healthier and lower in fat.   Now, this friend is an on again off again exerciser/healthy eater….a lot more off again than on if you catch my drift.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  She kept going on about how she really wanted to make that meal healthy and low fat. The Thanksgiving meal is a scary one for a lot of people, but to be honest with you I don’t understand exactly why.

I admit I look at things simplistically and I see this the same way.  Here is my question…when you are not worried about what you eat throughout the year, why would you choose the holidays to all of a sudden become obsessed with losing weight!  There is a wonderful line I read a number of years ago that I use with my email signature.  “People are so concerned about what they eat between Thanksgiving and New Year, when what they should be concerned about is what they eat between New Year and Thanksgiving.”  This is very powerful when you think about it.  Focus on the whole year and these holidays will not be such a big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for someone who is looking to make a meal like that healthier.  I would simply ask not to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner!  I’m kidding of course… I have never turned down a free meal.  And it has nothing to do with not liking cauliflower.  Here is the catch…I eat cauliflower a lot throughout the year.  I don’t eat mashed potatoes and gravy very much at all except Thanksgiving.  You can tell what I am going to have and pass another piece of pumpkin pie!

Until next time…

Setting for success

I have had the opportunity to meet so many different people throughout my career in health and wellness.  There have been older adults and teens, serious athletes and weekend warriors.  I have had many conversations over the years with new, and ongoing, clients as to what they need to do to be successful in their fitness endeavors.  The first thing that has to be determined is what, in their mind, is success and how do we set them up for that success.  This is such a key component because if you aren’t set for success then you will get frustrated and quit your workout routine completely.  They two biggest questions, in my opinion, that need to be answered are what do you want to attain and how much time per week do you legitimately have to put in to your goal.  If you tell me you want to become a bodybuilder or run a marathon but you only have three days a week for 45 minutes to an hour each time to exercise, it is my job as a trainer to have that heart to heart and say listen, you can improve your fitness level with three days a week but you are most likely not going to be a bodybuilder or run that marathon.  There is nothing wrong with that but lets just adjust those goals.

Setting up for success also means having those goals for how much per week you are going to exercise something that you can achieve.  If I meet someone who is overweight, hasn’t exercised in 20 years and suddenly decides to workout 7 days a week, I will be honest with them and say why don’t we take this approach.  Start with three days a week and build from there.  This may sound a little strange but here is the deal.  It doesn’t matter what you do for 30 days.  What matters is what you do for 30 years.  Get three days in your calendar, then four, then five.  It is easier to build up gradually so you don’t feel like you are overwhelmed.  Again, setting yourself up for success.

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New Adventure?

I can’t think of a better place to learn to be a trainer than where I have spent the first 15 years of my fitness career.  The Y has given me the opportunity to work with just about every kind of individual from a young kid just learning to exercise to the elderly.  From the healthy, looking to get that extra boost to those recovering from a stroke.  This is what separates the Y from any other facility.

 A couple of my days start in the weight room where there is usually the same core group of individuals.  There is a TV down there but it is turned off.  No one is flexing their muscles in the mirror.  No grunting or slamming the weights.  There is simply people down there exercising.  A number of us are lifting weights…bench press, rows and so forth.  Someone is working on a stability ball.  Another stretching out the hamstring that is giving them trouble.  Yes, it is a dungeon at my Y but it has all that we need to be healthier.  Then the door opens and in walks an 80 year old woman to get her weight work in and a 75 year old man to get on the assisted dip/pullup machine.

 Everyone here is from the same community.  They are all doing business together, sometimes during the workout time.  They plan happy hours periodically and have Christmas get togethers.  Their kids play sports together and they go to the same churches.  I am the token Y employee down there in the early morning so I get to take the good natured “heat” as to what needs to be changed and what these members really think about the job we are doing with running the Y…some of it good and some of it bad. 

As I go upstairs to get cleaned up, the Bodies by Ben class is gathered in the lobby, taking a break from their exercise to have a cup of coffee.  They are to the point where they actually make their own coffee when the pot runs out.  It is almost as if they are meeting at someone’s house instead of a lobby of the Y.  Just past them is the pool where all the lap swimmers and water aerobics classes are.  Down the hall is the group exercise room and cardio room.  A little farther is the basketball court where the early morning and noon pickup games are.  Overlooking the gym is the indoor track.  The best time of year is the summertime when the gym is full of kids getting ready for the camps!

The Y has taught me so much and I have made MANY wonderful lifelong friends.  It will always have a special place in my heart for what they do for those with special needs or those who are struggling.  As I said at the beginning here, I spent the first 15 years of my fitness career here.  It has been an amazing 15 year ride full of ups and downs, both professionally and personally.  All I can say is I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years of my fitness career has planned for me.

Until next time…